Once becoming a Mum I felt completely isolated and alone. I craved community previously fulfilled by a busy corporate career and energetic social life.


So, I started reading Mummy Blogs and watching YouTube videos about Mumlife to feel connected. Soon I created my own YouTube channel, Elise Sheree, all about my authentic and honest motherhood journey. 

I have legitimately made some of my closest friends through YouTube, Instagram and events that these platforms have lead me to. BUT I no longer want it to be focused on me. Cue... PODCAST!


I can’t wait to share stories of INSPIRING Mums who I know will impact you in life changing ways, just as they have me.

My aim is to share these stories alongside actionable tips to impact your experience, your thoughts and feelings and the health and happiness of your daily Mumlife. YOU deserve to live a light filled life.

Big love, Elise.